There Are So Many Community Amenities Available

I figured the best way to find an apartment close to where I work was to just do a search for apartments in North Las Vegas 89031. There are so many apartment complexes in this area, and I didn’t want to waste time by looking at apartments that were nowhere close to where I work at. Since I have to go in five or six times a week, I wanted an apartment that is conveniently located close to my job. Doing a search that way, with the zip code included, narrowed down the complexes significantly, and that is what helped me to find the apartment where I am now living.

I looked at the floor plan of the one bedroom units to make sure that it was something I would like, which it was. I knew that I would be spending just as much time outside as I would in though, which is why I also wanted to look at the community amenities. I already knew that they had a pool because of the pictures on the website, but I was pleasantly surprised at just how many other things they have for the community at large.

There is not only a fitness center that is open around the clock, but there are also two athletic centers that focus on cardio and weights. There is an outdoor rec area along with a playground and kids pool for the tenants who have kids. I don’t, but I knew that my sister and her three kids would visit me because of those kid friendly features. Also, there is a business center, two different pools, a large spa, an exterior lounge, barbecue areas and so much more. It is impossible to look at all of the details here and not want to live at a place like this!

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Finding a New Home is Easy when You Hire a Realtor

How could we not go and take a look at a brick and stone place that has three bedrooms and four bathrooms? I used to live in a Brownstone back east, and seeing a place that reminded me of that in Colorado was pretty neat. It was our Realtors in Denver that called us about the house, and we had to go and see it. We had been wanting to move to the Denver area for months, and this was the first place where both my wife and I had a strong interest in seeing it. We hopped on a plane and flew out to Denver to take a look in person after we saw the pictures online.

At $1.3 million, it was within the budget we wanted to spend on a new home, and it had all the features we wanted. We definitely wanted an open floor plan. These are all the rage now and for good reason. If you have a sprinkler system installed, you do not have to be as concerned about having an open floor plan for safety. We certainly needed three bedrooms as we take our grandchildren every summer for at least a month. Now they could each have their own room instead of rendering the living room a private space for one kid for a month.

The house had to be modern too. We wanted a gourmet kitchen with all of the latest appliances including a refrigerator drawer in the island where the stove is at. We have a refrigerator drawer at our old house, and it is very handy when you are cooking. No more running back and forth across the kitchen to grab a fresh spice or a tablespoon of this or a cup of that. The drawer fridge can hold all of your fresh ingredients you use in cooking. Plus, they are great for holding stuff to make sandwiches.

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