The Best Way to Keep Advancing in Property Management

I did not know a lot about being a part of a certified property management team just a few years ago. There was an entry level position open at a local property management company, and I needed a job. Since no experience was needed, I applied. I was happy to get it, and it was not long before I realized just how fortunate I was to get it too. I realized that I really have a knack for this type of management, and I ended up going back to school to finish my business degree.

I knew that I needed to be certified to become a property manager myself, but I wanted to take it one step further. I did not want to do the bare minimum to get my foot in the door. Once I realized that I really enjoyed this kind of work, I went full steam ahead with my plans to make this my career. I am still working for the same company, but I no longer have an entry level position. Instead, I am climbing the corporate ladder, and my goal is to be one of the executives sooner rather than later.

In order to do that, I need to be at the top of my game, which is why I regularly read publications about property management. There are a few major players nationwide, but there are quite a few regional ones as well. We are regional at the moment, but I am hoping to be part of the expansion to make our property management team as well known as the bigger players in the game today. I am able to get a lot of information from the online property management journal I read, and I implement as much of it as I can on a daily basis. That is the best way to keep advancing in this field!

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