I was talking to my best friend about my weight problem. I was chubby in high school, and I gained the infamous freshman 15 in college. After graduating, I gained about 20 more pounds with the stress of navigating life on my own for the first time. I was tired of looking frumpy and feeling even worse, and I asked her what she thought was the best approach to losing weight. I asked her because I knew she was looking to do the same, and she told me she had some read some Idealshape weight loss reviews that had her leaning in that direction.

I had heard of meal replacement shakes, but I will admit that I was skeptical that something like this would help me. I like shakes just as much as the next person, which was the problem. I could not imagine myself being content with having just one shake instead of a shake, a burger and some fries with it. That is when my best friend told me that it is not a regular shake, but one that is filled with the right nutrients and minerals so I won’t crave those other things.

I was still skeptical, but I decided to go ahead and give it a try with her. We both ordered our supply of shakes. We ended up getting a two month supply because we knew that for anything to work, it has to be given some time. The amazing thing about this is that it actually did not take much time at all. I am not saying that the pounds just disappeared, because that did take some time since I had so much to lose. But, I was not hungry when I had this shake for one of my meals. It actually filled me up, and I felt a lot better because I was actually getting the right nutrients in my body. The weight did come off too!

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