I was excited about looking at apartments for rent in Silver Spring MD, even though I was not going to move in for a couple of months. When my boyfriend proposed to me, we both decided that we wanted to have a short engagement period because we wanted to start our lives together. That meant finding a place to live once we were married, which is why I wanted to find a nice apartment even though we weren’t getting married for a couple of months. I figured if I found one quickly, then one of us could live there at least.

It actually did not take as long as I thought it would to find the perfect apartment. We both have jobs right here in Silver Springs, so I definitely wanted something that was convenient for both of us. The apartment I found is about 10 minutes from where I work and just five minutes from his office. The apartments are really nice too. Even though it is just the two of us, we still decided we wanted a two bedroom apartment. We both bring work home with us a lot, and we wanted to keep that separate from our home life as much as possible.

Having the second bedroom means that we will be able to convert the second bedroom into an office. We will both have desks in there along with some bookcases, and it will just make it nicer to have an entirely separate room for that. The living room is lower than the kitchen and dining room, which I really like. You have to step down into it, which makes me feel like a princess! All of my dreams are coming true, between marrying my best friend and finding the perfect first apartment for the two of us!

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