My brother Thomas and I are very close. I would do anything for him. We are like best friends. My brother and I can always depend on each other for help in support. We do everything together. After graduating from college, we decided to move in together. I was apprehensive about leaving home, but I was glad to be with my brother. We looked for apartments for rent in Goodlettsville TN.

Thomas and I always were very close to each other. We did everything together. Thomas and I enjoyed the same hobbies and extracurricular activities. We both took piano lessons and studied karate. We even liked the same foods. We were so close, everyone thought we were twin brothers. I was actually older than Thomas. We were also very competitive. We tried to see who could make the best grades in school. My grades were always better, but Thomas would not admit it. We graduated from the same college as well. We both obtained business degrees.

After college, Thomas and I were at a crossroad in our young lives. Thomas wanted to move out on his own and be independent. I felt I was not ready to leave home. Thomas talked into moving in together with him. We would have our own place and be adults. I finally decided to leave home.

We found an apartment that was perfect for us. It had two master bedrooms and large bathrooms. We each had our own personal bathroom. I enjoyed that very much. We also had a large kitchen with a large living room for dining and lounging.

This new apartment is superb. My brother Thomas and I are very pleased with our new home. We finally have our independence. We can now fully call ourselves grown men. We are slowly and surely making our way into the world.

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