I was looking for a particular song online for my grandma. I had first started looking in music stores as well as online retailers, but they wanted me to buy the entire album rather than the individual song. It was a song that really meant something to her, so I decided to look for just the song itself on some free music sites that I had found while searching for other things in the past. I really did not know if I would have any success with it, but I figured I had nothing to lose.

To my surprise, I was actually able to find the song that she likes on a website called Krafta. This music site allows people to download music for free, which was really nice since it can be an expensive hobby. What surprised me the most about this site though is how much of a variety they have in music. This song that my grandma really likes is pretty old, but there were also new hits on this site too. They were in different languages too, which helps when you have a family like mine.

My grandma speaks a little English, and I speak a little of her native tongue. With all the songs on this site that I can download for free though, there is no doubt that I will find plenty that each of us will be able to enjoy. When I was able to download that song for her and give it to her, she nearly cried. I absolutely understand that because music is very emotional for me too. It speaks to me more than most other things, which is why I was so prepared to move heaven and earth to find that song for her. It turns out I did not have to do that though. I just had to go to the Krafta website!

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