We wanted an extra ice maker for use in our home during the summer months. We put it on the kitchen counter. We reviewed different models at the icemakerchoice.com, and we picked one that makes almost 27 pounds of ice a day. You pour water into this thing, and you have ice coming out in just a few minutes. There is an internal reservoir for water and the ice. It really has a pretty decent ice output. You can have a lot of guests and keep them supplied with ice. It makes over a pound of ice an hour. It keeps on going as long as you keep the water reservoir filled.

It is nice in that you can put it anywhere. When the weather is nice, we put it outside where we do our grilling. It is our makeshift outdoor kitchen. We do not have any running water out there, and the portable ice maker is a nice touch. We keep cups and drinks nearby. We do not leave the ice maker out there overnight or when it rains as it is only rated for indoor use. We have a blender we take outside to make smoothies with the ice too. Those are great on a really hot day.

There are a lot of uses for a portable ice maker. There is usually a place to plug things in at a pavilion if you are having a family picnic, and you can never have too much ice at one of those. I like it that our ice maker can make ice in three different sizes. I also like it that the ice is soft and not so hard as bagged ice. It makes it nicer for those of us who like to eat the ice at the bottom of the glass.

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