I looked into coolsculpting in Singapore after I underwent a lengthy illness that resulted in a significant weight gain. I spent about six months in bed, unable to walk or engage in any other form of exercise, due to a flare up of an old illness. When I finally regained the ability to move under my own power, I was sickened to see I had gained a significant amount of weight. Unfortunately the disease did not have an effect on my appetite! I knew it was going to be extremely difficult to take this weight off in a conventional manner.

I mentioned my concerns to one of my doctors and he suggested looking into coolsculpting. I’d never heard of it, but apparently it’s a safe and effective way to take off weight. They cool down your fat with a device and the weight comes off. People use it to get rid of love handles and other pockets of hard to remove body fat. I didn’t understand the technical details involved, but research on the internet confirmed that it’s a safe procedure and many people said it worked for them. I needed to look into this process further.

I made an appointment at a clinic that claimed to perform the procedure and went in for a consultation. They explained that I’m a perfect candidate for coolsculpting and explained how it worked. I didn’t see a downside so I agreed to return and try it. I can say it definitely works. I could see in a mirror that much of the weight was gone, and the scale confirmed it. The only problem I foresee with this procedure is learning to keep the weight off, but isn’t that always the problem? Anyway I can’t say enough good things about coolsculpting and would definitely do it again should I need it.

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