As soon as I left the military, I needed a place to go home to. I had been previously married, and we used to live in my ex-wife’s old hometown near her family before I joined the Army. I have no family alive anymore, so now that I was getting out, I wasn’t sure where my home would be. I decided to simply look at a map and then choose one of the first 3 places that my finger landed on. This is how I came to start looking for apartments for rent in Parkville MO and I live there now, too. I think that I made the right choice, and I am enjoying exploring this place little by little.

I met my wife when I was fresh out of college. I knew that I wanted to own my own business one day, but it has also been my dream to spend about 6 years in the military. Prior to doing that I got married. We settle them together and we had a baby together. I figured that if I was going to join the military that I needed to do it because I was getting older. After I completed training, we were stationed in another state. Since then, we had also been stationed in another country. When we came back to the US, our marriage fell apart and we divorced.

When you’re in the military, you are surrounded by a lot of people. So, while I missed my wife, I was always busy. Friends came to check on me often. But what worried me most was figuring out where to live because I was to be discharged soon. I had been planning to start my own business, so I needed to find the right place. Of the three places my finger landed on that day on the map, Parkville seemed like a great place.

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