When I required flat roof repair in Brooklyn NY, I was hoping to find something that would be a more permanent solution to my roofing woes. It seems I’ve been fixing this roof since I moved in. Every year like clockwork, I had to have someone come out and do something up top. I started getting a lot of grief from my insurance company, with the usual threats that they were not going to cover anymore roofing repairs unless I had the roof replaced. That didn’t sound good because any type of work on the roof is expensive.

So what did I do? I got a metal roof installed. I had someone come out and tear the whole thing off and replace it with a durable metal roof that I thought would stand the test of time. A hail storm shouldn’t do more than put a couple of dints in the covering. The only thing I still worried about was a wind storm that could potentially tear the covering off. And guess what happened? A wind storm moved through the city and did exactly that. I went up there and noticed several places where the covering came off, exposing the wood underneath to the elements.

So I went online and looked for a company that has experience with fixing flat roof coverings. I found an excellent firm with years of experience in this matter and they came out to take a look. I was pretty happy when the guy said it was a smart move to replace the roof before the storm. He said almost all the roofs he looked at were a total loss because they stuck with wood shingles. The repairs on my roof took about an hour. My neighbors weren’t so lucky. I suggest everyone get a metal roof covering because it’s so much cheaper in the long run!

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