I figured the best way to find an apartment close to where I work was to just do a search for apartments in North Las Vegas 89031. There are so many apartment complexes in this area, and I didn’t want to waste time by looking at apartments that were nowhere close to where I work at. Since I have to go in five or six times a week, I wanted an apartment that is conveniently located close to my job. Doing a search that way, with the zip code included, narrowed down the complexes significantly, and that is what helped me to find the apartment where I am now living.

I looked at the floor plan of the one bedroom units to make sure that it was something I would like, which it was. I knew that I would be spending just as much time outside as I would in though, which is why I also wanted to look at the community amenities. I already knew that they had a pool because of the pictures on the website, but I was pleasantly surprised at just how many other things they have for the community at large.

There is not only a fitness center that is open around the clock, but there are also two athletic centers that focus on cardio and weights. There is an outdoor rec area along with a playground and kids pool for the tenants who have kids. I don’t, but I knew that my sister and her three kids would visit me because of those kid friendly features. Also, there is a business center, two different pools, a large spa, an exterior lounge, barbecue areas and so much more. It is impossible to look at all of the details here and not want to live at a place like this!

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