I didn’t look at too many apartments near uptown Dallas before finding the one that I knew I wanted. I can be pretty picky about things, so I thought it would actually take me a lot longer than what it did. The one I found is at the Routh Street Flats complex, and there is not a single thing there that I do not like. The apartment that I picked out for myself is a one bedroom luxury unit, and it is bigger than some two bedroom apartments I have lived in in the past.

There is just the one bedroom as well as one bathroom, but it is still huge. The bedroom is just as big as the living room, which I really like. There is a large walk in closet in the attached bathroom, plus it has a garden tub. I know most people seem to prefer to take showers nowadays, but I am old fashioned. I love soaking in a tub for a while, reading a good book, and just losing myself in my own private world. Another thing I like about the bathroom is that the only entrance is not through my bedroom.

There is also an entrance to it off the kitchen, which is another of my favorite things about this apartment. It is huge as well! I don’t eat out very often at all because I love to experiment in the kitchen. There are plenty of cupboard spaces which is nice since I have an extensive dish collection as well as a cooking collection. There is also a pantry that is big enough for everything I could want. There is a small balcony off of the living room, which is okay but not one of my favorites. I prefer to be inside where I can have complete privacy, and it is made even nicer in an apartment like this.

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