About four years ago my wife and I decided we wanted to move from where we lived here in Singapore. We wanted to move to District 25 the most. We wanted a place with a nice jogging trail and plenty of water features that offered luxury spa and swimming opportunities. We like outdoor spaces with lots of trees and impeccable landscaping. We have been attending various executive condominium launches, but we did not find the perfect place for us until we went and saw the condo units at Bellewoods EC. We really have fallen for a two-bedroom unit in the condo project.

It is nice to actually be able to see it in person. A lot of the earlier projects we were interested in seeing were still in the planning stages with only artist renditions of what the finished property would look like being available. We actually went and visited the Bellewoods EC units, and we toured the facility. They have a very nice jogging trial, and their swimming pools are like aquatic forests. The pools are built into landscaped areas that are fully planted with grass and trees and more. It is quite beautiful. It is like swimming in clear waters through a forest of plants.

The condo we chose is roomy and is well-appointed with amenities we were looking to have in our home. I like the space and the large size of our personal balcony. We can spend hours reading and sipping tea or coffee outdoors. The privacy of our own balcony gives us a place to retreat to for some relaxation. My wife and I like to swim in the late evening hours when others are getting ready for sleep. We prefer the pool at Bellewoods EC that is called the Aquatic Forest. It has islands that are planted with grass and trees, and swimming is a very fun exercise in that special pool.

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